Southern India | January 8

Hadassah’s Discovery

Hadassah* is a student at an Adventist school in southeastern India. Although her parents are not Christians, they enrolled Hadassah in the Adventist school because it teaches in English. They had tried to enroll her in several other English schools in the city, but none of the schools had space.

Will They Like Me?

Hadassah had never been to a Christian school before. She didn't know much about Christians except that they worship a different God than her family worships. What will my teachers be like? she wondered. Will my classmates be kind to me? Or will they make fun of me? When she arrived at her new school, her teachers and fellow classmates welcomed her and made her glad that she could study there.

Her classes were much the same as those in her former school, but in the Adventist school she was introduced to the Bible and to Jesus. "I love learning about Jesus," Hadassah says.

Be Careful!

Hadassah's parents told her, "Don't listen to what those Christians say about their God." Hadassah tried to obey her parents' advice, but as her teachers told stories about Jesus, she felt drawn to Jesus. How can this God who made the world and everything in it love me so? she wondered.

"In my heart I realized that Jesus is the one true God," she says. "I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and I love Him. I just can't tell my parents. If they knew that I want to follow Jesus, they would take me out of this school and probably not let me finish my education. Or they would take me to another school where I would be forced to worship gods that I don't believe in anymore."

Following Jesus

Hadassah is praying that her parents will see the difference in her life and will accept her desire to follow Jesus. "I try to obey them in every part of my life. I don't like it when they make me go to the temple and worship their gods. But when I go, I pray to Jesus instead of to the gods they are worshipping. I pray that one day my family will know Jesus and will want to follow Him as I do.

"I hope other children will follow Jesus and will be ready when Jesus comes back. No matter what temptations come your way, don't wait. Give your life to Jesus now," she says.

Hadassah has given good advice. Let's give our hearts to Jesus today and follow Him all the way to heaven. Our mission offerings help support schools such as Hadassah's, where children are introduced to Jesus while they are still young. Thank you for giving so others can learn Jesus loves them.

[Close with prayer for Hadassah and other children who want to follow Jesus in difficult places.]

*Hadassah's name has been changed to protect her identity.

Sing in Tamil

Tamil is one of 19 major languages spoken in India. It's the official language of Tamil Nadu, where Hadassah lives. Vowels are pronounced as follows: ah as in father; ai as in eye; ay as in hay; ee as in bee; eh as in bet; ih as in tip; oh as in toe; oo as in boot; uh as in cup.

Jesus Loves Me

yay soo yehn dhen nay suh ray
kahn dehn vay theh noo lee lay
pah lehr ah vehr sohn dahm dahn
tahn geh ah vehr vahl loh dahn

yay soo yehn nay sehr
yay soo yehn nay sehr
yay soo yehn nay sehr
may vay duhm koo roo dhay

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