Leader’s Resources

Following are sources of information that have proved helpful in preparing for the mission segment of Sabbath School. 

Visit our website for additional photos, recipes, puzzles, and other activities that you can download and print to make mission more fun for children. Go to www.AdventistMission.org.

Mission Spotlight is a free DVD containing stories from this quarter’s featured division. See the advertisement on page 30 for more information.

Travel Agencies: Travel agencies often have colorful brochures on tourist destinations in Alaska, the islands of Guam and Micronesia, and the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Call or visit and ask what they have available to help you portray the scenery and culture of these places. Or search online for available photos and country information.

Online Resources: Check out these excellent websites for more helpful resources. For Alaska, visit www.alaskakids.org for games, pictures, literature, and other activities. For West Virginia, visit wvtravel4kids.com for fun facts, pictures, travel information and more. For Guam and Micronesia, visit www.factmonster.com/country/micronesia.html, www.factmonster.com/country/guam.html, or www.guam.gov.

Be sure also to visit these denominational websites:

Alaska camps: www.alaskacamps.org

Alaska Conference: www.alaskaconference.org

Mountain View Conference: www.mtviewconf.org

Guam-Micronesia Mission: www.gmmsda.org


Remind children that their weekly mission offering and 75 percent of their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering helps the church around the world to tell people about Jesus. The remaining 25 percent goes directly to the special projects listed on the back cover of the quarterly.

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