A Guiding Star

Mr. and Mrs. Moody built their own little home beside Lake Aleknagik. After a while, they built a Seventh-day Adventist school on their property by the lake. They called it “The Mission School.” Read Story

Finding Jesus at Camp

Many of the kids who come to Camp Polaris don’t know the Bible stories. Other kids might know the Bible stories, but don’t really understand that Jesus wants to be their friend. Read Story

Changing People's Lives

I felt so humbled that God would have actually used me to help my friends. I was telling myself, “I can’t believe that I was a part of that—I’m too young for God to use me.” Read Story

The "Camp Lady" and the "Camp Man"

The children and their parents know that the Camp Lady and Camp Man will do all they can to help them with whatever problems they are having. And most importantly, they teach the children and their parents about God. Read Story

A Big Heart

The church members are the nicest people I’ve ever met. They are always there for you. I like the people here a lot—they are like my second family that I’ve always wanted. Read Story

The Kindness Experiment

As they think about their “kindness experiment,” Ms. Starr and the students know it was a success. “Kindness did come back. We tried to give them joy, but they gave more to us.” Read Story

The Sabbath Shoes, Part 1

Becky smiled, but still said no. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll come tomorrow night and get them.” Then she walked out of the store. Read Story

The Sabbath Shoes, Part 2

I was so confused! I didn’t understand. Why won’t she take the shoes today? I wondered. Suddenly, I had to know the answer. I ran out of the store and caught up to Becky. Read Story

The Puppeteers

Austin likes to use puppets to tell others how much Jesus means to him. Faith adds that while puppets may not be for everyone, she hopes every child will find a way to share God’s love with others. Read Story

Wyan's Lessons in Faith

Wyan has loved God all his life and was thrilled when his grandfather discovered a Seventh-day Adventist school not far from their home in Pennsylvania. Wyan’s mother enrolled him there. Read Story

GLOWing for Jesus

“I enjoy meeting people and telling them about Jesus,” Provi says. “I especially like to see their smiling faces when I offer them a tract that talks about something they are struggling with in their lives.” Read Story

Like A Family

One day a member of Kaylea’s church said she wanted to provide a meal each week for people who needed some food and friendship. Kaylea liked the idea and wanted to help. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Three years ago our mission offering helped children in these countries share God’s love by providing back-to-school supplies and invitations to attend Sabbath School. Let’s hear how one girl helped share God’s love by using supplies purchased through our mission offerings. Read Story
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