Church or Soccer

Our story today is about two brothers, Tyson and Alexandro, who are from Belize City. Both Tyson and Alexandro enjoyed school, and they especially loved to play soccer, which met every Tuesday after school. Read Story

Down but Not Out

The doctor put a big needle in my foot, but I didn’t feel a thing. They said I would never walk again. Read Story

God's Miracle Baby

Jeremy is a miracle baby. He was born three months early, and he was so small that the doctor thought Jeremy wasn’t going to live. Read Story

Just One Day

“If you don’t come to school on Saturday, you won’t graduate, and you won’t be able to go to high school!” Read Story

No Fighting Here

Right away Deryn noticed that his new school was different. “There’s no fighting here,” he says. Read Story

Saved Through Prayer

While Adriel and his mother were waiting to see the doctor, Adriel had a seizure and then slipped into a coma. Read Story

Divine Appointment

I asked God to help me recognize His divine appointments in my life. Read Story

Making Friends for Jesus

Sharing God’s love with others comes naturally for Milenny. Her mother produces a children’s program for the Adventist radio station in town, and Milenny gets to help her Read Story

Letting Our Light Shine

Now it’s my turn to tell others that Jesus loves them and is coming soon to take us home. Read Story

One Too Many Students

The teacher was glad that someone could help her understand the Bible better. Read Story

A Safe Place to Learn

Five-year-old Kenisha didn’t know what it was like not to be afraid. Ever since she could remember, people were firing guns on the street where she lived in Trench Town. Read Story

Helping Hungry People

Hundreds of children in Iceland toured the Bible 3-D exhibit last year. Many of their parents came to hear the special lectures at night. It was a chance for people to hear about Jesus in a new and personal way. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

This quarter we have learned many things about the people of the Inter-American Division. We would like to test you to see if you have learned your lessons as well as the children have. Read Story
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