Hungry for the Word

“Would you be willing to go without food for two weeks, but have a Bible instead?” Read Story

Saved by the Sabbath

“André really wanted to go to the air show, but he could see that his friend was serious about going to church.” Read Story

Good From Bad, Part 1

“We had to trust in God, because we didn’t even have a kopeck in our pockets.” Read Story

Good From Bad Part 2

“My mother wasn’t interested in that information, but my sister and I were listening.” Read Story

Always a Missionary

“We have other priorities. . . . We want to do what God wants us to do.” Read Story

Praying for Our School

“God is here with us, and the teachers tell us about God and His character.” Read Story

I Love This School

He enjoys learning more about the Bible, and is especially happy that all of the teachers love God. Read Story

Friendly Together

“We have a good atmosphere here. This school is calm—nobody is fighting.” Read Story

A Plan for My Life

That night Mrs. Boloban cried and cried. She did not want to lose her baby, and decided to ask God for help. “Dear Jesus, if this child is going to grow up and live for you, please help him now.” Read Story

Sabbath School in a Closet

During Sabbath School, which is held between the two church services, the adults and youth meet in the rented room, and the children meet in the storage closet area. Read Story

The Missing Student

Sometimes Artem had problems when his classes where held on Sabbath. Some of his teachers were understanding about him not coming to school on that day, but others were not. Read Story

Kids Do It!

Some children give away newspapers and tracts in their apartment building, and others stand near a store or bank to give them away. People gladly take a newspaper or tract from a child that they may not take from an adult. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

This quarter we’ve learned about some children who live in Russia and in Ukraine, two countries that are part of the Euro-Asia Division. They have told us about some of their experiences at school, and at home, and what God means to them. Read Story
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